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Transport services for every need. Regardless of where.

A single transfer or multi-city itinerary. A VIP limo or standard crew van. A ramp-side pickup or fleet of vehicles for a largeevent. Your transportation needs vary, and we can handle them all. As a wholly-owned Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company, we have the global resources to secure private transportation anywhere in the world you need it.

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A last-minute schedule change with the aircraft. An unplanned excursion. Extra passengers and luggage. Every change has a ripple effect. If not coordinated properly, it can mean the difference between mission success and failure.

We’ve reduced the risk and stress that comes with this. When you make a change as part of business aircraft trip through Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., your ground transport changes with it—automatically. We do this for all transfers across every destination on your trip.

We understand the needs of business aircraft travelers like no one else. Need a ramp-side pickup? If the airport allows it, we can make it happen. Need the largest crew van available? Done. Is the VIP particular about the quality of the vehicle? So are we.

Whether arranging transportation on your own through Universal Private Transport or via your dedicated Universal® trip support team, you can feel confident that your request is being facilitated by experts who not only understand business aviation, but also the tremendous pressure you’re under.


Executive Transport

We understand the unique needs, challenges and pressures associated with arranging ground transport for executives and VIPs. That’s why we start by securing the highest quality vehicles available, provided by fully licensed and insured professionals. And we provide easy ways for your people to track and manage every scheduled transfer as needed—by phone, e-mail, SMS, or via our online dashboard.

Your VIPs have the highest of expectations, and they need to be somewhere on time. With us, you’ll make that happen.


Transportation logistics for special meetings and events takes experience. What types of vehicles? How many will you need? What experience inside the vehicles do you want for your attendees and guests? Is branding the vehicles an option? Our experts will work with you to develop a transportation plan to help you get your people where they need to be, when they need to be there, and complement the experience you are trying to create.


Whether a medical emergency, political unrest, or a deteriorating security situation, we have the expertise and global resources to ensure an expedited ground departure. We have the contacts, resources andexpertise to rapidly arrange secure transportation, provide location and destination security briefings and ensure a speedy evacuation—by ground, air, sea, or otherwise.

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